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Bia Food Bank

Food waste is a mis-management of valuable resources with social,environmental and economic consequences:

Social: wasting food while people go hungry is wrong! Bia Food Bank matches surplus food with those in need, fostering community action and voluntary participation.

Environmental: Food waste damages the environment and is a misuse of land, water and fossil fuels. By preventing the disposal of surplus food,Bia Food Bank encourages the efficient use of food and natural resources.

Economic: Wasted food is wasted money.By preventing food waste, Bia Food Bank helps to reduce costs for businesses, provides employment, and enhances food security in Ireland

To prevent food waste and preserve valuable resources, Bia Food Bank raises awareness and promotes a more favourable business and policy framework for food redistribution in Ireland.

 Bia Food Bank Ltd. is an Irish Registered Charity. No. 20558