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Bia Food Initiative (BiaFi)

Food waste is a mismanagement of valuable resources with social,environmental and economic consequences:

Social: wasting food while people go hungry is wrong! BiaFi matches surplus food with those in need, fostering community action and voluntary participation.

Environmental: Food waste damages the environment and is a misuse of land, water and fossil fuels. By preventing the disposal of surplus food, BiaFi encourages the efficient use of food and natural resources.

Economic: Wasted food is wasted money. By preventing food waste, BiaFi helps to reduce costs for businesses, provides employment, and enhances food security in Ireland.

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To prevent food waste and preserve valuable resources, BiaFi raises awareness and promotes a more favourable business and policy framework for food redistribution in Ireland..

 Bia Food Initiative Ltd. is an Irish Registered Charity. No. 20558